The diversity of today’s pedelec market demands clear positioning of individual e-bikes. Protanium with its own and licensed brands is in a position to give pedelecs an unmistakable identity and to secure the positioning of these names in different markets.

Protanium - As a company Protanium has set standards in pedelec development. E-bikes sold under its own name underscore this competence with advanced design and trailblazing technical solutions. Protanium pedelecs stand out from the rest with innovative ideas, opening up new markets and target groups.

Diavelo - The internationally established Diavelo brand stands for well-balanced, highly reliable, high-quality pedelecs. A wide range of models caters for the everyday mobility and leisure needs of many different target groups.

Zeitgeist - Zeitgeist brand pedelecs are extraordinarily good value for money. They provide the greatest possible e-bike fun at the lowest possible cost thanks to a combination of no-frills technology and efficient manufacturing.

Pininfarina - The Italian design studio stands for stylish design in the best of Italian traditions. Pininfarina pedelecs, developed and manufactured under license, apply the company’s extensive experience in designing vehicles for twenty-first century urban mobility.

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