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Development according to the latest standards


Constructing pedelec frames is one of Protanium's core competences. We develop frames, forks and components to meet the many and varied requirements of users and legislators in different markets. As an important factor in the design, we attach great importance to the technical and optical integration of components, ergonomics, safety and the possibility of efficient production in large numbers.


Series-ready Protanium developments always comply with the latest technical standards such as DIN EN 15194 or 168/2013/EU type approval.




Das eigene Designbüro von Protanium gestaltet vom einzelnen Bauteil bis zum kompletten Pedelec alles, was ein optisch ansprechendes E-Bike ausmacht. Punktuell ziehen wir externe Industriedesigner bei und arbeiten mit namhaften Gestaltern wie Pininfarina zusammen, um Pedelec-Technik in eine ansprechende und funktionale Form zu bringen, die auch den technischen Anforderungen genügt. 



The Protanium Design Office designs everything from a single component to a complete pedelec, which makes for a visually appealing e-bike. At times we attract external industrial designers and work together with well-known designers such as Pininfarina to bring pedelec technology into an appealing and functional form that also meets the technical requirements.

Product Management


Protanium specifies e-bikes with components that fulfill the requirements of customers in terms of function, quality, design, price and availability. The chosen components correspond to statutory requirements and technical standards in the target markets.




Protanium collaborates with an international network of suppliers. These longstanding and reliable business relationships enable e-bike production to be planned on a long-term basis.


Protanium and its partners ensure that all components are in the right place at the right time so that pedelecs can be manufactured efficiently and without delays.




Protanium has a comprehensive network of assembly partners with many years’ experience in pedelec production. With production facilities in Germany, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and China we can have e-bikes built where- and however our customers want them. That enables us to respond to different needs such as market proximity, volume, speed and price. It permits to react promptly to changes in customs duties, exchange rates and demand in individual submarkets for the benefit of our customers.




Pedelecs and pedelec batteries require especially careful handling in storage and shipping. Protanium collaborates with experienced logistics partners, thereby ensuring that pedelecs on the move are punctual, safe, free from damage and compliant with the latest shipping and storage regulations from production to the customer.


After Sales Service


Professional customer service is the key to sustainable success in the pedelec business. Protanium supports customers with knowhow and the spare parts required to develop and provide efficient and solution-oriented after sales service.

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